#BOMTC Day 37, May 13~Alma 7-9 or Pages 224-230: “To Succor His People”

#BOMTC Day 37, May 13~Alma 7-9 or Pages 224-230 (2)SPOILER ALERT! If you are familiar with Scripture Mastery, then you may be surprised to find out that starting next year there will be some changes to the 25 references for each book of scripture. If you are not familiar with Scripture Mastery then what I am about to share probably doesn’t mean too much to you. Anyhow, seven references have been eliminated and seven new scriptures have taken their place. One of those seven scriptures is Alma 7:11-13. This reference has been part of my “personal” scripture mastery list for a LONG time. Alma 7:11–13 contains specific words that can help us remember the extent and power of the Atonement throughout your life. Alma’s testimony of Jesus Christ can help us better understand the breadth of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and teach us how to receive the blessings of His Atonement daily as we continue along the path to God’s kingdom. You may want to review these verses over the next few days to help you remember what the Savior can do for you and others throughout your life.

For today’s post I am including a “SILENT LESSON” that I created based on the Atonement of Christ that I feel complement Alma’s teaching rather well. I hope it will help you appreciate the Savior’s sacrifice and feel of His great love for you!


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