#BOMTC Welcome to the Book of Mormon Translation Challenge!

Welcome to the 2014 Book of Mormon Translation Challenge!  This is where I will be posting my thoughts as I read the Book of Mormon this time.  I am not much of a blogger so it may not be very impressive, but I hope that it will be meaningful to me to reflect on what I have read and try to process it in such a way that I can share something meaningful.  I hope that you will feel welcome to post your comments as well.  I have divided each Post into the groups of pages that one must read each day to finish the Book of Mormon in the time that Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery took to translate it.  You can CLICK HERE for a copy of the bookmark that I have created to help people stay up to date on their reading.  I KNOW that The Book of Mormon is a TRUE book of scripture from God.  It is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  My testimony of Him grows each year that I complete The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge–that is why I do it year after year.  I hope you will join me reading by The Book of Mormon this year and participate in the conversation.

PDF Bookmark for The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge

PRINTABLE bookmark to help you keep pace! Print front-to-back for 4 copies/sheet.


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