#BOMTC Day 1, April 7~1 Nephi 1-3 or Pages 1-6: It Begins with a FAMILY

#BOMTC Day 1, April 7~1 Nephi 1-3 (or Pages 1-6) (2)

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It seems that God has a pattern, and it involves families. The Old Testament begins with the first family of Adam and Eve. The New Testament begins with the family of Jesus the Christ. The Doctrine and Covenants’ first chronological section (D&C 2) focuses on creating eternal families. The Book of Mormon begins with the family of Lehi (See also: Arthur R. Bassett, “It Begins with a Family: Some Major Teachings in the First Half of the Book of Mormon”, Ensign, Sept. 1976). As a father and husband, I have many lessons to learn in these chapters about my own involvement in my family. You may not be a father or a husband, but you are a member of a family–wife, mother, daughter/son, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa, etc–and God has lessons for you in these chapters in the Book of Mormon. There are many more lessons in these chapters, as well, that relate to you as a son or daughter of God.

1 Nephi must be understood in the context of the book of Jeremiah. If you have not read the book of Jeremiah, then I would encourage you to study the footnotes in 1 Nephi 1-3 that relate to Jeremiah.

What lesson can one learn about God and His Plan when we consider the contrasting lives and missions of two of the Lord’s “many prophets” (1 Nephi 1:4) testifying in Jerusalem at that time? In 1 Nephi 2 we learn that Lehi is to leave Jerusalem with his family and “depart into the wilderness” (1 Nephi 2:1-4). According to our record, it isn’t until v. 20 that Nephi is informed of a “Land of Promise” and a foreshadowing of the events of the entire Book of Mormon history.

The phrase, “Let us be faithful in keeping the commandments” (1 Nephi 3:16,21;4:1), seems to be a prevailing principle in these pages. Those at Jerusalem had not been “faithful in keeping the commandments”, and were about to lose their promised land. The key to residency in the Lord’s promised lands has always been, and will be, obedience to the commandments of the Lord. Lehi and Nephi have both heard the Lord teach this lesson specifically to them (1 Nephi 2:1,19). Now they are trying to help others realize the same blessings in their lives.

Jeremiah on the other hand will be faithful to the command to him to stay at Jerusalem, not have a family, continue to be persecuted throughout his life, and be killed by those he tried so hard to save. So many amazing insights in just the first 6 pages of the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

What did you learn in those pages?

ON THIS DAY IN 1829: Harmony, Pennsylvania. Joseph Smith began dictating the translation of the Book of Mormon to Oliver Cowdery. At about this time, Joseph also received Doctrine and Covenants 6, a revelation to Oliver concerning translation.


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7 responses to “#BOMTC Day 1, April 7~1 Nephi 1-3 or Pages 1-6: It Begins with a FAMILY

  • Bro Simon Says

    Reblogged this on Bro Simon Says and commented:

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  • Sharon Haynie

    I had never thought to read Jeremiah along with this section of the BoM. thanks for the suggestion!

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  • grahamscracker

    It is interesting that we are told that Nephi, not Lehi is the one who is told about the promised land when he prays to the Lord in v. 20. Lehi was told to leave the city to protect his family and may have left to go into the harsh wilderness without a promise of better place to go. He was just obedient and left! I am curious about Laban and his position as keeper of the genealogy and scriptures (words of the previous prophets). Did other houses (family groups) also have copies of the early scriptures with their family histories? My understanding is that Laban was a fellow kinsman of Lehi and held the position of keeping the family records. I am excited about this challenge although I got started a day late. I will catch up today! Thank you!


    • Bro Simon Says

      Welcome to the challenge! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope you will feel free to do so on a regular basis. I love reading the comments that other readers have to share. HAPPY READING 🙂


  • Judi Felty

    I just started the Challenge today. I have read Chapters 1-6 many times. But never studied them, especially in the context of Jeremiah. It was very interesting to see the simulaties in the instructions of the preservation of Jerusalem and it’s people, if the people would adhere to the teachings and the commandments. Thank you for suggesting the reading of Jeremiah. I feel that I know more about him and look forward to reading more about him and his journey.



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