#BOMTC Day 72, June 17~3 Nephi 22-26 or Pages 453-458: “Greater Things”

#BOMTC Day 72, June 17~3 Nephi 22-26 or Pages 453-458, Greater Things

The word “THINGS” seems like an insignificant word when you isolate it from other words. What does it really denote? It could be any number of, or kind of, or combination of “thing”. And yet, in 3 Nephi 23 & 26, the word, “THINGS,” is VERY significant. Excluding the heading to 3 Nephi 26, the word, “things,” is used 20 times in a chapter that has just 21 verses.

As you read these chapters you will find exactly what the “greater things” are that The Lord wants to give you, and how you can receive those “greater things”.

One thing that I love about this set of chapters is that they don’t just tell you how to receive the “greater things”, but they illustrate it as well. In these chapters we see Christ bestowing “greater things” upon the people as they respond to the “lesser things”.

By way of personal application, we can consider what “greater things” The Lord wants to bestow upon us personally, and ponder what we need to do to receive those “greater things” blessings.

As the Savior taught, if we want the > (greater) things, then we have to make sure that we have taken full advantage of the < (lesser) things we have been given. Remember the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25? Those that were faithful over “few” (< lesser) things were made rulers over “many” (>greater) things.

There are many “things” that I could have put in this post, but your time will be much better spent studying and pondering about the relationship between “lesser things” and “greater things” in 3 Nephi 22-26. I would suggest that you go back and study them in more detail and depth one more time, and see what “greater things” you are able to receive.

My post < things. 3 Nephi 22-26 > things.

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2 responses to “#BOMTC Day 72, June 17~3 Nephi 22-26 or Pages 453-458: “Greater Things”

  • Dolly Patterson

    I have thought for a long time that I should not be asking the Lord for MORE when really it I look around and see what I have and appreciate that and take care of that he will bestow on me the “greater things” without my having even to ask. Why would I want a bigger house if I am not taking the best care of the one I have? Why would I want more scripture and enlightenment when I am not using the ones that I have now? Why would I ask for more peace and happiness if I am not giving as much as I can of what I have to others now? Hope that makes sense. These scriptures this time have confirmed to me that this is true. Enjoy the lesser things and gain the most you can from them and then the Lord blesses you with Greater Things. D. Patterson


    • Bro Simon Says

      Absolutely LOVE this comment, Dolly! Thank you for taking the time to post it. Although we are counseled by the Lord to A.S.K. (Ask, Seek, Knock), I am a firm believer that we need to take full advantage of everything the Lord has “already” provided for us. I liken it to what I say almost each night to my children at the dinner table. Almost without exception, one of my children will ask for more of something before they have finished the portion of that same thing that they have on their plate. For example, my son may have a portion of french fries on his plate and says, “Can I have more french fries”? I use my dad-script and say, “You can have more when you finish what you already have on your plate.” Why? Because I have thrown away waaaaaay too many french fries in the past by consenting to such a request. It will probably happen again tonight. My wife will make a great dinner and one of the kids, probably worried that someone else is going to get to it before they do, will say, “Can I have some more [fill in the blank]?” And I will pull out my dad-script again and say the same thing I always do. I can imagine Heavenly Father responding in a similar manner to my request for “greater things” when I have not finished with the “lesser things” saying, “Simon, I love you and I want to give you more. Thank you for asking, but I need you to finish what I have already given you first.” God is so good, and He will not give us more than we can handle or need. I have found that I throw away a lot less food now that my children are taking care of the “lesser things” on their plates first 🙂 Thanks, again for your comment!



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