#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531: “I Would Exhort You”

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, I Would Exhort You

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

Isaiah prophesies of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon

I won’t take much of your time, because I know many of you are trying to catch up on your reading to finish the Book of Mormon today. Moroni 10 contains the prophet Moroni’s final words before he sealed up the record to be brought forth by the gift and power of God.

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, Moroni buries the plates (5)

About 1,400 years before Joseph Smith received the gold plates, Moroni concluded his father’s record by writing some final exhortations to those who would receive the Book of Mormon in the last days (see Moroni 10:1–2). The word exhort means to urge, advise, caution earnestly, admonish urgently. Moroni used the word nine times in the final chapter of the Book of Mormon.

Book of Mormon Testimonies

Prophets and Apostles discuss the importance of gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. (3:46)

Moroni’s first exhortation can be found in Moroni 10:1–2, and “I would exhort you” to look for the remaining exhortations that Moroni felt inspired to include in this final chapter and consider which one applies to you and your current situation in life.

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, Moroni 10~4 (1)

Perhaps the most well know exhortations extended by Moroni are those found in Moroni 10:3-5. These verses have always meant a lot to me. I have a burning witness of the veracity of the Book of Mormon.

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, Moroni buries the plates (2)

As a young man I experimented with Moroni’s exhortations in relation to the Book of Mormon and I found the book to be true. As a father I have also exhorted my children to do the same. On one occasion my oldest son was finishing the Book of Mormon for the first time. He had made a goal for himself to read the entire Book of Mormon before he was baptized. He started on his 7th birthday and read 15 verses a day to finish by his 8th birthday. My wife or I would read each night with him, alternating verses. When we arrived at this second exhortation, relating to the Book of Mormon, I was reading with him. I asked him if he was going to accept Moroni’s challenge and pray to know for himself that the Book of Mormon is true. He casually responded that he was not going to do so. Surprised by his response, and a bit worried, I asked him why he wasn’t going to do it. With all of the innocence and sincerity of a seven-year-old, but with the wisdom of a sage, he responded with words along these lines:

“I don’t need to pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true. I already feel the Holy Ghost tell me that it is true every time I am reading it.”

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, Moroni buries the plates (4)

Well, what can I say to that? That was one of the most exciting moments as a parent that I had experienced up to that point. He is now 12 and has read the Book of Mormon almost every day (on his own) since he first finished it. He has completed it several times since then and continues to affirm its truthfulness and helpfulness in his life (He is currently studying the Old Testament). His sister followed his example and also read the Book of Mormon in the year preceding her baptism and continues to read it personally on a daily basis. She is completing it for the third time on her own as part of The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge. My next oldest (our third child) is currently reading the Book of Mormon to help him prepare for his baptism in August. He reads at least 15 verses a day in an effort to finish his study by then. I have three other young children that I pray will follow the example of their older siblings.

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, Moroni buries the plates (1)

And that brings us to my personal exhortation for you with this final blog posting. When my son finished the Book of Mormon that first time I asked him, “What will you read tomorrow?” and his response was, “I will start at the beginning of the Book of Mormon again.” I will use the words of Moroni and President Henry B. Eyring to extend this extra exhortation to you:

And now my beloved blog-buddies, “I would exhort you” that when you have finished studying the Book of Mormon as part of the Book of Mormon Translation Challenge, that you would “go back to the Book of Mormon and drink deeply and often” because, “great faith has a short shelf life” (“Spiritual Preparedness: Start Early and Be Steady“, Ensign, Nov. 2005). And to those of you who may not have finished reading the Book of Mormon by June 30, “I would exhort you” to remember that it is the direction that you are headed and not the speed that is important on this journey to study the Book of Mormon.

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, Moroni 10~32 (1)

Finally, THANK YOU! Thank you for accepting the challenge to read the Book of Mormon in the time that it took Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to translate it. Thank you for making time in your busy schedules to study this holy book–Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your comments on this blog and on our Facebook Page/Group. Thank you for inviting me into your life to share my thoughts and excitement for the Book of Mormon with you.

#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531, Moroni 10~32

PLEASE leave a comment at the bottom of this post (or our Facebook Page or Facebook Group) letting me know that you FINISHED studying the Book of Mormon. I would like to add your names to the list on this blog of those who completed the Book of Mormon Translation Challenge.

A Book with a Promise

The Book of Mormon is a book with a promise. Although its history is compelling by itself, it is a book of scriptural significance that should be received and read under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

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29 responses to “#BOMTC Day 85, June 30~Moroni 10 or Pages 530-531: “I Would Exhort You”

  • Tannie Flammer

    Thank you for organizing this challenge! I have learned so much in such a short period of time. Tannie Flammer


    • Bro Simon Says

      Keep studying and the Lord will continue to fill you with the LIGHT of His Spirit and knowledge! Congratulations!!!


    • Tina Carlson

      Thank you for food for thought in the daily blog. We finished reading the Book of Mormon as a couple this morning. I sent out many invitations to my friends. Some joined and read along too. It was fun to discuss the readings and help support each other with encouragement. It was great and we definitely plan to do it again next year.
      I am glad that you have shared this challenge. I love how the lessons readily apply to our daily walk and how the Lord speaks to us through the holy scriptures. Daily reading helps me feel my Savior’s love more fully and increases my ability to share the gospel with others – now I am jazzed to read the D&C before seminary begins in September. Thanks again! See you same time next year. Tina Carlson in St. Louis


      • Bro Simon Says

        Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts and testimony! I am always excited to hear that couples have been reading together, PLUS you invited your friends as well! Great job!!! Enjoy seminary 🙂


  • Starr Logsdon

    This is the first time that I have taken the challenge…………I am humbled by the effects it has had on me during this journey. I am a teacher by day and a care giver by night. At first it was a sacrifice to find the time to read, but I did it! As time went by, there was not a sacrifice of any kind. I looked forward to reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Now in Relief Society we are going to take a Doctrine and Covenants challenge. (07/01/14 – 11/30/14), then read a Christmas message everyday in December. I am in charge of and will take the challenge seriously for our Ward, but I must continue to follow wise counsel and”drink deeply and often” from the pages of the Book of Mormon. Thank you for your daily commentaries, I LOVED them and looked at them each and everyday. You are a blessing to all of us and I will be back next year to take the challenge again. Until then, I will continue to feast on the words from the Book of Mormon. With a humble heart of gratitude, Starr Logsdon, Louisville, Kentucky. 🙂


    • Bro Simon Says

      Thank you for posting your experience and testimony! It will help people in the future as they see your comment posted here for the world to read. Congratulations on your completion and continued commitment to study the scriptures daily! DRINK DEEP!!!


  • Carolyn Young

    Thank you so much for presenting this challenge! It kept me going and on track with my scripture reading. I have finished on schedule, and have enjoyed every minute. Thanks again.


  • Jacqui Jones Pitt Jones-Pitt

    It has been wonderful! Thank you for being such a caring teacher! I have looked forward to your posts every day andhave printed them all off so that I can study them along with the Institute manual. I have loved every moment. I was visiting Salt Lake City when it started and finished it at home near Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. Xxx


  • Bill Black

    I started two weeks late but finished on time today. Thanks!


  • Dolores Valentine Patterson

    Thank you so much for all you diligent work in preparing this challenge. My husband and I have just finished the Book of Mormon and found this challenge to have been the best reading we have ever done. We loved the comments every day and looked forward to our reading every day. We loved the videos also. They gave greater depth to our study. Thank you again. We know our lives have been enriched.


  • Debra McKrola

    Thank u! My daughter is preparing to go on her mission to Honduras soon and asked me to do this challenge with her. It was really awesome..I learned so much and put many things together reading it faster than my normal pace. Our testimonies both grew. Thank you!


  • Jo Ann Okelberry

    This has been a wonderful experience. I so appreciate all you have done to inspire us and to give us deeper insights about this wonderful book. I think we should do this again next year since I seem to forget so much. I finished yesterday and waited eagerly to receive your inspired comments in my e-mail box. Jo Ann Okelberry, Reseda, California


  • Tammy Petersen

    I am so glad I came across this challenge! Thankyou so much for the countless hours you have put into the daily posts. I loved studying everyone of them.
    Tomorrow will find me still in Alma with the Instagram BofM 365 family. These two challenges have been just the encouragement I needed to get consistent with my daily scripture reading.
    Feeling blessed.


  • #BOMTC Bonus: Standard Works 365! | The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge

    […] have taken President Eyring’s advice to, “go back to the Book of Mormon and drink deeply and often.” You are excited […]


  • Kim

    I did this challenge to finish my leadership young women’s in excellence. What an awesome journey it’s been. Thanks for putting so much good information together to go with the study. I learned a lot this time through. Thanks again,
    Kim Bishop – Dayton, OH


  • lisab. Draper, Utah

    The power and clarity in my life during this challenge was clear and unmistakeable… as advertised. I used the knowledge and inspiration daily, a few times in a bold and powerful way. Makes me laugh when I relearn what The Lord has been trying to tell us all along. I don’t twitter but I enjoyed and shared some of your tweets as listed down the right side of the blog. Thank you very much for shepherding us these last few months.


  • Judith

    Thank you for encouraging us to read the Book of Mormon in this way. I struggled to get it all done on time but have found it to be of great value to me. I have been using different study courses each time I read the Book of Mormon. I am now looking for some other companion study course to use as I start at the beginning again. I love The Lord and am very greatful for my membership.


  • Jeana Christofferson

    I knew the Book of Mormon was true when I began the challenge and I know it is true still. I am grateful for the additional insights you shared that helped to increase my understanding and perspective. Some days I was able to absorb it all. Most days I was able to just get my reading (or listening done.) I will continue to go back and drink deeply from its pages for faith has a short shelf life! Thank You!



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