#BOMTC Day 17, April 23~2 Nephi 25-26 or Pages 97-102: Importance of Plainness

Click here to read 2 Nephi 25-26

Click here to read 2 Nephi 25-26

I love studying 1 Nephi 25 for so many different reasons. Some of my favorite verses are vv. 23,26,29. Some of my favorite things it taught are: (1) keys to understanding Isaiah; (2) the importance of Isaiah’s writings; (3) the scattering and gathering of Israel; (4) Nephi’s testimony of Jesus Christ’s ministry and mission.

#BOMTC Day 17, April 23~2 Nephi 25-26 or Pages 97-102 Nephi's Keys to Understanding Isaiah

Click on the graphic to read an article by John Bytheway about Nephi’s Keys to Understanding the Isaiah Chapters.

What really stands out to me is Nephi’s sincere desire to be so PLAIN that “no man can err” (vv. 7,20,28). This seems to be the pattern of The Master Teacher that Nephi has espoused. It reminds me of a quote by President Harold B. Lee:

You’re to teach the old doctrines, not so plainly that they can just understand, but you must teach the doctrines of the Church so plainly that no one can misunderstand.” (“Loyalty” [address to religious educators, July 8, 1966], p. 5.)

That is what I truly love about Nephi’s writings. His “plainness” allows him to testify and teach so powerfully of Jesus Christ. My testimony is strengthened in the Savior every time I read the writings of Nephi. He also gives commentary on Isaiah to help it be more “plain” to us so that “no man can err”. THANK YOU, NEPHI!!!

2 Nephi 25:26, Christ in the Book of Mormon

2 Nephi 25:26, Christ in the Book of Mormon (Credit: Book of Mormon Central)

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6 responses to “#BOMTC Day 17, April 23~2 Nephi 25-26 or Pages 97-102: Importance of Plainness

  • midgetaylor143

    2 Nephi 26 9 But the Son of Righteousness shall appear unto them; and he shall heal them, and they shall have peace with him, until three generations shall have passed away, and many of the fourth generation shall have passed away in righteousness.

    Do you remember when President Hinckley said, “I am the fourth generation.” That really caught my attention. It also broke my heart that so many did not really listen to him, nor those who came before him, nor will they listen to those who are among us now. I do pray they can look and really see. I do so pray that I may totally accept the Atonement and be able to stand when our Lord comes again.

    My wish has been to be with Sister Enoch in a cloud when the destruction comes, yet I must say, “Thy will be done.” So here I am, waiting upon the Lord, and He is blessing me at this time.

    I enjoy the way you share the gospel. I thank you for being as Nephi, plain and clear. I hope you have a good day, Brother Simon. Hugs from a distance.


  • Maria Luisa Torres

    Could not find the Bytheway article.


  • Jo Ann Okelberry

    Thank you for doing this challenge again this year. Today while I read these two chapters, I noticed for the first time the verses that say that in the last days all these prophecies will be known to everyone. I have no idea how many times I have read The Book of Mormon and missed things. This is just another example of why we need to read and re-read the scriptures and the conference talks.



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