#BOMTC Bonus: Did You See It?!

One of our #BOMTC readers left the following comment on our Facebook post for Mosiah 1-2 today:

I love how Mosiah starts out with King Benjamin telling his sons how important the records/scriptures are. What an appropriate way to start out our study of the Book of Mormon and how cool to think that is the message that Joseph Smith was receiving when he first began the translation of the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful that we “have his commandments always before our eyes” (Mosiah 1:5) that we may “search them diligently, that [we] may profit thereby; and … keep the commandments of God, that [we] may prosper in the land” (Mosiah 1:7)

Like this reader, did you notice some of the things that are mentioned in Mosiah 1 that would have been completely new to Oliver Cowdery and perhaps even new to Joseph Smith? Although Joseph may have been exposed to some of the things mentioned in Mosiah 1 because of his previous experience translating the 116 manuscript pages that had been lost by Martin Harris, it is still amazing to me how many verses in Mosiah 1 refer back to information that one would need to know from the earlier books of the Book of Mormon to really understand what is going on. And even if Joseph had been exposed to some of the names, places, items, or teachings being referenced in Mosiah 1, it would have been a very brief exposure a full year earlier, in the spring of 1828.

So, what did you notice? I would love to have you share what you saw in Mosiah 1 that caught your attention as you thought about Joseph and Oliver resuming the translation of the Book of Mormon in Mosiah rather than 1 Nephi.

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