Study Schedules

There are three basic study schedules that I have set up to help people study the entire Book of Mormon in 85 days as part of the Book of Mormon Translation Challenge (#BOMTC). From this page you can save a copy of the study schedule or add a Google Calendar to your electronic device for whichever version of the #BOMTC you wish to follow by clicking on the +Google Calendar button at the bottom-right corner of the calendars below.

#BOMTC +Google Calendar Button

Click on this button at the bottom-right corner of the Google calendar to add it to your schedule on your devices.

Mosiah-Words of Mormon

1 Nephi-Moroni

!Bookmark with chapter view for The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge

Day-by-Day with the Prophet

18 responses to “Study Schedules

  • David Root

    Thanks for this. My intro to Google Calendar could not have been a better one.


  • Allyson

    Why is there not a bookmark with chapters? I have a kindle and can’t use page numbers as they are not on it…


    • Bro Simon Says

      Good question. I wanted to make one, but have not been able to. What I did have time to do was create the Google calendar that people could import or bookmark if they were using digital devices. If you have any good design skills and would like to create a bookmark with chapters following the Google calendar, I would be happy to upload it for people to use. It takes me about 2-3 hours to maintain the Book of Mormon Translation Challenge each day. So it doesn’t leave me much time to add much more. My wife and kids are very supportive of the project, but they also want a husband and dad 🙂 For now, my best suggestion is to use the Google calendar to the best of your technology know-how. Let me know if you end up creating a bookmark and I will add it to the site for people to use. Thanks!


      • Dana

        You are awesome! Thanks for all of your hard work. Many people are benefitting from your sacrifice of time and energy!


      • cshampton7

        I have made a trifold bookmark with the chapters. It is in PDF format. Where should I send it so you can post it? We are going to do this challenge this summer with our family and at the end we will buy all of those who completed it their own “Sword of the Spirit”, (replica Roman Short Sword) because they will have obtained the word of God. Thanks for inspiring us!


  • Pat Smith

    Okay, so do I just keep repeating all the challenges? Did the Book of Mormon Translation Challenge, went directly into the Standard Works in a year challenge. I guess repetition is best, but I need to do some actual “pondering” of the scriptures also. Is there a group to hang out with? I really had trouble with Isaiah and Revelations in the middle of winter, with nobody to talk to.


    • Bro Simon Says

      Great job! Sounds like yo are ready for a slow and careful study. I have been encouraging people in your situation to set up their own groups, like I did for the BOMTC. You may also like to use the seminary and institute manuals at to help supplement your study.
      Best wishes!


  • jess

    why is it that I could not see the schedule for this year’s BOM challenge google calendar? of Mosiah- Words of Mormon.


  • BrThompson

    I can’t seem to get the calendar (Mosiah start). The problem is likely because on my page it says: “Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them”. What am I doing wrong?


  • Monte Depew

    I want to find out who wrote the title page to the book of mormon

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